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Soil health and composting.

Healthy soil is the key to healthy plants. By testing your soil, we can measure the levels of critical nutrients and minerals in it. Once we have a picture of your soil's health, we can optimize its constituents to better support your plants. Even if you don't cultivate a large garden, we recommend composting. By composting your yard waste, you can naturally improve the quality of your soil, while minimizing the environmental impact of maintaining your landscape. Ask us how - you'll be surprised at how easy it is!


To maintain a lush, green landscape, plants must be properly hydrated. We integrate knowledge of each plant's water needs with your site's geology and microclimates to design irrigation systems that are optimally effective and efficient. Whether you have a sun-drenched cactus garden, a shady fern alcove, an expansive lawn, or a combination, our systems can provide just the right amount of water to keep your foliage thriving. We also specialize in designing and maintaining reclaimed water irrigation system.

Plant selection.

Bringing your landscape vision to life involves choosing the right plants for the setting and the seasons. We'll help you select from an extensive list of botanicals that grow well in the Atlantic and in your soil and that meet your aesthetic desires. Create a bird of butterfly garden, stagger species to bloom year-round, enjoy edible or decorative fruits - our experts know how to grow the garden you've always wanted!


Showcase the best features of your property and make it a safer place to be. Let us turn a potentially dangerous, dark lawn and building into a dramatic evening estate with gently illuminated foliage, walks and entranceways. The low voltage lighting systems our experts design and install are completely safe, even for toddlers and animals.

Hardscape and structures.

Enjoy your garden from your patio or stroll down a walkway to sit by a soothing waterfall. We design hardscape, such as walls and walkways, and structures, such as arbors and fences, to complement buildings and natural geology. We help you choose the appropriate materials for the application and then build from firm foundations to ensure long lasting results.

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